Kosa's Dispensary Reviews

Cannabis Dispensary located in Marlborough, MA

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • GriffsterTV (Griffster)
    07/19/2024 10:56 PM
  • Sarah Arsenault
    07/10/2024 08:05 PM
    This dispensary goes above and beyond for its patrons. They are always welcoming and their efficiency and willingness to help is unmatched.
  • Michael Taylor
    07/07/2024 09:08 PM
    Fabulous product and deals! I really liked their employee's too, namely Brad Silvers!! Cheers ya'll!!!
  • Cassandra Walsh
    07/06/2024 09:51 PM
  • Joel Leitao-Butler
    06/12/2024 10:18 PM
    High quality flower at low prices! Haven’t been able to find deals like this anyone else, around $72 w/ tax for 1oz of good bud is insane. Staff is also super friendly and helpful, too! 10/10 highly recommended
  • Eric Garabedian
    06/10/2024 01:39 PM
  • Ella Clark
    06/06/2024 11:49 PM
    This is honestly one of the best dispensaries I’ve been too. It’s close to my house and everyone is beyond friendly there. I work in customer service and completely understand how things can get but yet they still have smiles on their faces and are nothing but friendly. I wish I got the two workers names that I interacted with today but there was a situation and they handled it with such care. They all care about each other and it’s what I love to see. There is another girl I’ve had a few times cashing me out. She always has such beautiful makeup on and is beyond friendly. But anyways I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this place. Everyone is amazing
  • Frederick Michael
    06/05/2024 10:57 PM
    Big bro wasn’t lying when he said that fusion like know other …
  • Williams Gomes
    06/05/2024 03:18 PM
  • Brandon Kee
    05/31/2024 05:14 PM
    Great prices that make up for not having a medical program (yet) I’ve been around to a lot of dispensaries as well and this one never lets me down, always great product I really don’t go anywhere else unless I’m hunting for a specific flower. Also Fire Styxx 🔥