FAQs from Kosa

Cannabis Dispensary located in Marlborough, MA

Common Questions

We do not allow infants, children or any individuals into the dispensary who are under the age of 21. please secure suitable accommodations before visiting our store as we will report all neglected instances to the local law authorities. please know about the state laws.

Kosa typically accepts cash and debit cards.

*AS OF 01/01/23 — We are accepting CASH ONLY* (ATM ONSITE)



505 boston post road west, marlborough, ma

10 am to 9 pm (monday through thursday)

10 am to 10 pm (friday)

10 am to 9 pm (saturday)

10 am to 8 pm (sunday)


Please check Google for special hours near holidays!

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You will not need a medical marijuana card at any of our recreational dispensaries to purchase marijuana for recreational use. you will only need a valid license that verifies that you are 21+ years of age.

You need a government-issued id for age validation. acceptable forms of id to purchase recreational marijuana include a driver’s license, passport, state id card, or military id. please note that we cannot accept expired forms of identification for legal marijuana sales. you must be 21+ years of age to purchase recreational marijuana.

Products and Purchasing

Kosa typically accepts cash and debit cards.

*AS OF 01/01/23 — We are accepting CASH ONLY* (ATM ONSITE)



We do not offer any discounts on our recreational marijuana products as per Massachusetts regulations.

Recreational marijuana products range in strengths and dosages. everyone responds differently to marijuana as there is no consistent measurement of effects. we encourage all new customers to start low and go slow to learn how it affects them and to become familiar with their consumption limits. don’t be shy asking for help at the dispensary – our trained trained staff will answer any questions you may have.

Recreational marijuana customers may legally purchase up to 1 ounce of marijuana flower or 5 grams of marijuana concentrate per day; marijuana edibles amounts will be contingent based on potency as part of the 1-ounce limit. please note that additional limits may be put in place due to extreme demand.

Yes, you will be able purchase recreational marijuana at our dispensaries with a government-issued id that verifies you are 21 or older. valid forms of identification include driver’s licenses, passports, or military ids. please remember that all products purchased in Massachusetts are only legal in Massachusetts.


Consumption of recreational marijuana may only occur in privately designated areas where smoking and/or vaping is allowed. this does not include the premise of kosa’s marlborough dispensary. please keep in mind that public consumption of marijuana may result in fines and all attempted instances on our premises will be reported to the local law officials.


Transporting recreational marijuana is similar to transporting alcohol wherein you cannot have an open container of recreational marijuana or marijuana products in the passenger area. an “open container” is defined as having a package with a broken seal or a package from which contents have been partially removed.

No, it is prohibited and dangerous!